Offshore Environmental

Water column assessment, modelling and remote sensing

Satellite data processing helps in tracking and modelling changes in coastal environments. Data Credit: NASA/USGS

Our team of specialist marine scientists, modellers and data analysts use hydrodynamic modelling and remote sensing to understand what is happening in the water column and assist with industry and regulatory planning and development for offshore industries.

These methods can supplement boat-collected data and help in forecasting and visualising temporal and spatial effects from offshore activities. They also help in identifying suitable locations for offshore aquaculture structures, ocean outfalls and invasive species dispersion risks.

Cawthron's capabilities in this area include:

  • Hydrodynamic simulations and waste modelling at local and regional scales to assist in quantifying effects from offshore activities 
  • Modelling of depositional footprints associated with waste material from offshore activities
  • Provision of near real time telemetered buoy data and near-real time satellite data
  • Water quality and characterisation assessments
  • Plankton biology and productivity assessments
  • Purpose-built aquatic technology 
  • Remote sensing (including water quality monitoring buoys and satellite visualisation).

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