Offshore Environmental

Habitat mapping

Mapping seafloor communities helps determine a sites' vulnerability or suitability for new development

Being able to characterise the spatial distribution, quality and quantity of offshore, coastal (and freshwater) resources is fundamental to understanding aquatic ecosystems.

This understanding allows for the management and sustainable development of offshore activities such as oil and gas, mining and aquaculture while maintaining the fundamental characteristics of natural ecosystems.

Cawthron's capabilities in this area include:

  • Subtidal mapping for habitat characterisation and change (video footage, divers, remote sensing, sonar)
  • Broad-scale mapping of intertidal vegetation and structural habitats
  • Monitoring of changes in area coverage of intertidal habitats over time
  • Assessment of past changes in area coverage of intertidal habitats based on historical information
  • Assessment of the impacts of habitat alterations on ecosystem function
  • Advice on site selection and positioning of aquaculture and other structures

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