Offshore Environmental

Benthic assessments

The seafloor contains millions of epifaunal and infaunal organisms, many of which can be used to indicate environmental conditions.

The biological, chemical and physical properties of the sea floor provide valuable information on ecosystem health, and are an effective way of monitoring the system's response to environmental and anthropogenic influences.

We have extensive experience with sea floor (benthic) environments, including baseline and characterisation surveys, pre- and post-drilling surveys for oil and gas exploration, annual production-related monitoring surveys, aquaculture monitoring surveys, method validation studies, sediment contamination assessments, and benthic disturbance assessments.

Cawthron's capabilities in this area include:

  • Underwater video surveys 
  • Underwater photography 
  • Biota collection (infauna and epifauna)
  • Sediment collection
  • Habitat mapping
  • Marine growth surveys
  • Deployment of scientific equipment (e.g. Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler/ADCP) 
  • Artificial substratum experiments 
  • Species abundance data collection (e.g. ecologically sensitive species)
  • Infauna and epifauna taxonomy 
  • Scientific dive surveys 
  • Molecular tools
  • Sediment ecotoxicity

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